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I do not have the template, but have been in the furniture manufacturing business and product development and merchandising of mattresses and sofa cushioning.

If I were you, I would use 5" of 3.5 pounds/cubic foot of HR Polyurethane Foam topped with 3" of 4.0 pounds/cubic foot  Viscoelastic Foam (Memory foam), for a total of 8". If 8" is too thick for you, you can use 4" and 2" for a total of 6". I would cover it with a plain cotton terry cloth with a zipper for easy removal and replacement or cleaning. I would not go less than the stated densities (pounds/cubic foot). Try to get a quilted Dacron fiber mattress pad made by the mattress guy because what you buy in stores will not fit.

Let me know what your mattress guy says about my suggestion.

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Hi -

I am new to this group and recently purchased an Amel. The bed needs some serious help and I have been working with some mattress companies in the New England area. Does anyone have a template or measurements for a 53' Amel owners suite mattress. This layout is one without the vanity. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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