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I think that it is:
Part Number: 9281K121
Pump Shaft Seal, 304 Stainless Steel, 3/8" ID, 0.917" Seal OD, Industry Number 511 $20.70 each


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Any idea which McMaster pump shaft seal is the correct one?

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Alex gave you the answer that I gave him a while ago.

Courtney Brown

Coastal Climate Control, Inc.

PO Box 4535

Annapolis MD 21403



I bought an impeller and O ring from them. The mechanical seal is a standard size stainless steel 10mm or 3/8" mechanical seal that looks like this one:


This same mechanical seal is used in the Dessalator Low Pressure Feed Pump, the Climma Calpeda BCM20E water pump for A/C, and the AFMA 66B fresh water Pump. AND, I think it is the same seal used inside the Onan salt water pump...but I am not sure about that. I found some of these while in Malaysia and bou ght 6 of them for about $30 total...and yes they are stainless steel.


Alex, thanks for the part numbers...I did not have those.



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Does this take the impeller from the old blue pump or did you have to modify it? I rebuilt my blue pump a couple of years ago and would like to get some more replacement parts for the impeller assembly (I used existing inventory when I rebuilt it). Do you have a source for this piece?




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And, if you want a real deal on a 230 volt March pump, check this out:

I have one of these as a spare. I t hink it also might work for the Dessalator 160 liter low pressure pump.

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You're right Bill. AC-5C-MD

Sorry, can't even blame that one on the iPhone keypad. Glad you caught it.


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Could you check that number again because March does not sho w AC-5P-MD.


I think it might be AC-5C-MD



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Hi Eric.

On SM243 the original was replaced in St Maarten 5 yrs ago with a pump recommended by the Frigoboat dealer there.

March Mfg Co

Grenville, IL

Model AC-5C-MD

It's been going strong for 5 years now.




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Can anyone please send me the serial number of the calpeda A/C&n bsp; raw water pump Greenish blue color on a hull close to my hull number?

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