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Hi Don
One little question . Why do you want to have an additional tank?
You own a SM with 600 l of fuel.
Why do you think this is not enough.
Do you consider a World tour, even then with your SM and maybe 3 jerries you are on the save side !
Hanspeter SM#16, Fethiye , Turkey

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I would be comfortable with a roto-molded tank from a company that makes tanks for fuel.  The gasoline tanks in my helicopter are made this way and tested to withstand very high impact.  I would not be satisfied with a tank welded from sheet.  One of the holding tanks on Harmonie was replaced with a roto-molded tank with the fittings welded in.  This has worked well in that application for over ten years.  I do not have experience with this approach for fuel, however I suspect it would be satisfactory as some outboard gasoline containers are made this way.


Don Myers

Harmonie SM160

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