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I believe that for a circumnavigation in a SM or 54 the boat should have 800 to 900 liters to be on the "safe side."

Amel apparently thought the same and made the 54 with 900 liter capacity.

We carried 190 liters in Jerry Cans placed in the "life raft" locker while crossing oceans. We never needed it and the most that we used was 375 liters, but I think it is better to be safe than sorry.

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Hi Don
One little question . Why do you want to have an additional tank?
You own a SM with 600 l of fuel.
Why do you think this is not enough.
Do you consider a World tour, even then with your SM and maybe 3 jerries you are on the save side !
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I would be comfortable with a roto-molded tank from a company that makes tanks for fuel.  The gasoline tanks in my helicopter are made this way and tested to withstand very high impact.  I would not be satisfied with a tank welded from sheet.  One of the holding tanks on Harmonie was replaced with a roto-molded tank with the fittings welded in.  This has worked well in that application for over ten years.  I do not have experience with this approach for fuel, however I suspect it would be satisfactory as some outboard gasoline containers are made this way.


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