Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] Re: Day tank/extra fuel tank in the life-raft locker

Paul Osterberg

Hello Hans-Peter!

The extra tank serve more than one issue, if you use it as a day tank and “manually” pump from the main tank to the day tank, you have good control of the quality in the day tank and run much less risk of blocked fuel line, which usually happens at the most inconvenient time, and/or water in the fuel which can give severe problems with your fuel nozzles.

It gives you a longer range especially important on remote locations, and further more I’m a lazy person and do not like to drag fuel from in worst case an inland fuel stations down to your dinghy and then to the boat, usually it’s very hot at those occasions or raining or.... . So by fueling up when convenient I can hopefully minimize such events

Paul on S/Y Kerpa SM#259

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