Companionway Gasket

Kent Robertson

Here's the gasket material I found that works fine.  It's enough to do two replacements.
My first replacement in 2010 has dried out and needs replacement again after 5 years.
Purchased at
+1 800-529-4486

Belt Weatherstripping
Item No. 819751

Cost including shipping in 2010 was $28 US.


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This being a recurring topic, here's a post from some time ago that may be of interest: 

"We replaced the delaminating wooden companionway with plexiglass - one of the best changes we've made as it adds wonderful light down below. We used a slightly tinted version that looks mirror-like in the daylight from the outside - at night we have a cloth cover we can hang from the locking knobs inside for privacy. The top few inches are double thickness for the locking knobs and key lock - simply copying the original. 

You do have to lift the hard dodger a few inches to remove the old and install the new. Also, we removed the rub strip at the bottom (which was deteriorated anyway) so it wouldn't scratch the plexiglass - replaced it with a thin strip leaving a 1/16th inch gap. What little water enters when we wash the cockpit immediately drains from the bottom of the washboard well into the bilge sump.

Craig & Katherine
SN#68 Sangaris

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