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David, I agree with your wiring diagram as set forth in the first part of
your email, but I question if I understand your last comment about orienting
the batteries + - then -+ then + - then - +. You end up with two + terminals
and I don't know what voltage. The batteries have to be aligned as in the first
part of your email + - then+ - then+ - then+ -, and you will end up with one
bank of 24 volts, with a + and - terminal to connect to the next bank ++ and
-- to power the boat. 2 banks of 24 volts, and most 6 volt batteries are 220
ah, so one 24 bank should also be 24 volt 220 ah, with the two combined at
440 ah. Eric


just double or triple that arrangement and connect each 24V bank to the
appropriate buss

i thought T105's were 110 AH my mistook i should have checked but if they
are 220 AH then you have double the capacity :-)



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