Amel Yacht Owners Re: dismasting

kimberlite1212 <no_reply@...>

i am sure all the amel owners read your post with great distress.
I am glad to see that you are still with us.
do you have any words of wisdom as to what we should do in such an
best wishes for a speedy repair of your boat.

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Thank you for your kind responce

Take Care
Mike M
S/V Hallelujah

From: stargazer41amel <no_reply@y...>
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To: amelyachtowners@y...
Subject: Amel Yacht Owners Re: dismasting
Date: Mon, 25 Feb 2002 03:46:56 -0000

To Mike in Panama,

So sorry to hear of your unfortune or rather your great fortune!
no one was injured too badly. Sounds like all survived.

We own a 1986 Sharki and will be glad to assist you in anyway. Can
send pics and dimensions. Let us know.

s/v Stargazer

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