Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] Bulge in Engine Hatch Cover and elsewhere.


Several years ago, I supervised the repairs to a SM 53, that I had sold, on the bulging bumps on the engine room hatch/cockpit sole.

First, the metal parts laminated into the hatch are simple mild steel and not stainless steel/inox. I am fairly confident that the reason they get wet and expand as they corrode is because the gel coat gets fissure cracks from being loaded/unloaded as the hatch is opened and closed.

When I opened and removed the fiberglass from the area where the plates are on the inside, sure enough, the steel was ’blooming’ as most metals do when they oxidize. I decided to cut the metal and the faux teak covered fiberglass out completely, as the fiberglass was severely weakened by the expanding metal it was unable to contain. I must add that this was an extreme case, much worse than anything I ever saw before or since.

I had two plates made of stainless steel with four vertical fasteners/bolts in the corners for the exterior part of the repair and two matching counterparts for the inside part with appropriate holes drilled to receive the bolts with nut fasteners. I re-laminated a fiberglass ‘plug’ in situ, mainly to fill the hole in the hatch and to insure water tight integrity. The flat plate stainless that were mounted horizontally over the plug/patch extended outboard of the patch by a good margin to acquire structurally sound fiberglass on to which to spread the loads imposed by the strut cylinders. It didn’t look too bad and almost looked like it belonged there from day one. Almost…

The only hair in the pudding is I can’t remember who’s boat I did this on many years ago so I can’t advise on how the repair matured. If you own the boat with this repair, please remind me of who you are and how the repair has done over the years.

My best advice to my Amel Brethren is to monitor the situation. If you notice more cracks in the area of the embedded steel or it you notice more flexing in this area when opening or closing the hatch, take some action based on a good sound repair that I am hopeful I have described.

Now, what did I have for breakfast and where are my reading glasses…

I have been loving everything Amel since 1981.

All The Best, Joel

Joel F. Potter/Cruising Yacht Specialist LLC


954 462 5869

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Mine started on the port side, followed by the starboard side about a year later.


BeBe 387

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I too am suffering from the engine room hatch bulge. What I find rather odd is:

1/ The bulge is only on the port side. I believe it was the same on Bill's boat when I met up with him.

2/ Considering that Amel produced nearly 500 SM's, why did this apparent weakness not show up years before? Was there a change in the hatch design/construction method that, it would seem, only affects the later boats?

I replaced both my struts about 5 years ago. I could only find 300 Newton rated struts in Turkey which are weaker than the 400N originals. They hold the hatch open fine but you have to lower the hatch the last couple of feet by the rope handle. Despite the lesser resistance to closing, I still have the problem.

I tend to agree with Eric and Gerhard that it is more than strut pressure that is causing the problem. After all, when the hatch is closed 99.9% of the time, there should be no upward pressure caused by the strut. If it were so, why only on the port side? Maybe others have bulges on both sides?

Ian Shepherd SM2K Crusader (2003) Larnaca Cyprus

On 19/03/2015 10:16, Beaute Olivier atlanticyachtsurvey@... <mailto:atlanticyachtsurvey@...> [amelyachtowners] wrote:

Good morning everybody,

Inside the GRP, there is a metal insert (steel). I think the bulge is caused by the force of the strut, that is huge when you start to push the hatch back down. After several hundreds of shut down actions, the bulge appears.

In my opinion, the best way to cure this is to install one stainless steel plate on each side of the GRP, the top one polished with welded screws underneath, the bottom one with holes. Make the bottom one as wide as possible.

Some of you will think that the stainless steel plate is not very nice. I think that a polished plate is not worse than any piece of hardware that you have on the deck...


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What I hear here is that even though the plates have been installed the bulge has not gone down. I believe there is something else in play.

Fair Winds


Kimberlite Amel Super Maramu #376

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Hello Gerhard,

The repair is well known and you can have it done by Riza Cagdas at Emek Marine in Goček Turkey.

Every report indicates a good repair.


Jean-Pierre Germain

SY Eleuthera, SM 007.

On 17 Mar 2015, at 07:40, pepinoamel <no_reply@... <mailto:no_reply@...> > wrote:

Hi Joel Potter & Olivier Beaute,

Maybe one of you can chime in and explain to us how to properly rectify the problem with the bulge on the engine hatch cover. I also have the bulge and have been considering putting stainless steel plates on the inside as some others have done but I cannot see any compression or stress cracks on the inside where the struts are mounted. That makes me think there might be something else at play and not just the force from the struts pushing it through to the outside. Is there corrosive metal built into the hatch?

Your or anybody elses input would be much appreciated.

Gerhard Hoffmann

SM381, Pepino


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