Re: 40ft Sharki 1980 #15


Thanks John, Jenny and Aras for your replies.
So many questions not sure where to start.
Our intentions on where to sail from Malaysia are developing everyday as we speak to others that are here. However a long term desire is to reach Cairns as our daughter is a dive instructor there. So we may cross paths J&J at some point. We have spent  time from Cairns to Cape Trib in the past but not on a boat. It is an area we would love to explore and a practical place to get to from Indonesia we presume.
One of our first requirements is to set up a holding tank for the toilet. Does anyone know of how to do that? Is there  a production built holding tank that fits the Sharki? Would Popeye have the same bathroom configuration as our Sharki.
Manon2 has an original Neco auto steering system that appears to have been unwired at the floating compass. Is it likely that it could still work? Does anyone have any info about them? Is it worth reconnecting it or better to go electronic?
There are no electronics on the boat except a depth sounder.
With modern electronics what are some of the suggestions people would have as a minimum to carry on a cruising  boat?
We have downloaded Navionics and find Windyty to be fantastic. I think you suggested that John. Navionics at first glance looks like it has all the information that a chart plotter would have. Therefore is a chart plotter necessary?
I understand there are internet servers that cover the seas around Malaysia and Indonesia. Does anyone have any information on this?
As new members of the Amel group we are very impressed with the group. Everyone seems to be keen to uphold it’s integrity. We have observed a couple of ethical debates and found the exchanges interesting.
We look forward to our future with the group and perhaps visiting the factory at some point.
One more question. Being Amel Sharki #15. Does this mean it was the 15th Sharki built or the 15th Amel built?
Fair winds and best regards,
Warren and Zetta. Sharki #15, Manon2, Telaga Harbour,Langkawi,Malayasia

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