Re: 40ft Sharki 1980 #15

Andy Croney

Dear Warren and Zetta,

Congratulations on your Sharki.

An excellent reply by John , I agree with all his points.

We bought our Maramu #75 , three years ago and have been busy upgrading her for cruising and have found the information here invaluable, especially John's input , he also having an older Maramu.

Just would like to add our solution to the Autopilot upgrade as an addition to his notes:-

We have chosen to keep the existing Neco autopilot , albeit the Neco control unit is being rebuilt, we have found a knowledgeable electrician who has taken this on as a project. We intend to keep the Neco as a backup.

We have installed B&G Zeus Chartplotter with Triton displays and a AC42N computer- we hope to keep the existing rotary drive unit for both systems.

We run C-map on the Chartplotter . We sailed many ocean miles using Navionics on our iPad previously and will keep both systems , Cmap on the Chartplotter and Navionics on the iPad.

Trust the above is helpful, enjoy your Sharki

Fair winds

Maramu #75

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