Re: Renew fake teak deck on Maramu #148


My deck's still original but I have thought about painting it. Generally here for non-slip paint we use mat finish 2-pack polyurethane. A small section at a time is painted and whilst wet it's sprinkled with glass beads from a shaker. Coarse or fine beads are available depending upon your preference. When dry any excess beads are blown away and another coat of paint put on. I've never had much success getting an even finish where the nonslip ingredient is mixed in with the paint, but maybe certain products are ok.

A technique I've used in the past is 2 pack paint and sprinkle with sugar whilst wet. Once the paint is dry wash the deck and hey presto the sugar dissolves leaving texture. One time I did it the dew settled overnight and the whole deck was covered in bees the next morning! Not quite as good as beads but very easy to sand afterwards if it ever needs re-doing.

The belt sanding does sound serious. I wonder if a solvent wash of a clean weathered deck, then a thinned coat of epoxy primer followed by 2 thinned coats of mat 2 pack poly would leave enough of the original texture to still be non-slip? Presumably it's been tried and found to be too smooth? Any larger divots would be fixed with epoxy filler first.

John, Maramu #91, Popeye

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