Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] double bed in salon on maramu

Eric Lindholm

On the port aft side of the pedestal, the pipe sticks out from the pedestal and through the hole in the leaf of the table when it is down to make the bed on the port side. It is either polished stainless steel or chrome plated. It is at the height of the top of the port seat. The extended board rests on the seat all along the port side, the seat fore, and the pipe on the port side of the pedestal, for its starboard support aft. I can take a picture and email it to you next time I am at the boat. Eric

sy melmar y <> wrote: thanks for replys. it looks to me that the folded down table takes ‚the
whole weight’ on the stb side of the bed... ok.
eric: just to get it right. the original pipe is affixed to the pedestal
- the one in the middle through the „two inch hole“ or towards the
seatinglocker on port side?
marc, S/Y MELMAR Y, maramu #89

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Subject: RE: [Amel Yacht Owners] double bed in salon on maramu

On my Maramu the extended board rests on the lip of the seat forward,
and a small pipe sticks out of the "two inch hole" in the table when it
is folded down to support the other end aft. The original pipe is
approx 1" diameter by 4" long and affixed to the pedestal. Eric 105

Horst Pause <> wrote: On my Maramu the folded out
part of the double bed rests against the lip
on the folded down table, which has worked quite well so far. Whilst I
don't know whether this is the original feature, I have seen the same
arrangement on other Maramus.

Good luck with your rebuild.
Horst, Maramu 185


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Sent: 16 March 2006 15:38
Subject: [Amel Yacht Owners] double bed in salon on maramu

i'm tying to reinstate some 'lost' original installations on our maramu.
one of them being the double bed on port side in the salon. putting the
second wooden board under the port bench board is the easy part. this
one folds out toward the mid pedestal. fwd it lies on the short cross
bench. on the aft side it must lie on something as well. is the about
two inch hole in the down folded table the solution? could anybody show
or explain the item which was originally installed for that purpose?
marc, S/Y MELMAR Y, maramu #89

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