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File : /Replacing the CDrive on SM243 Kristy/IMG_0524.jpg
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Description : After dry-fitting the upper and lower parts of the CDrive, the marks on the keel were transferred to the Foot of the drive, it is disassembled, the foot is removed, and the marks are joined by lines to mark the position of the hole on the bottom of the foot. I would have bet that it wasn't even going to be close, but Voila! The lines crossed within less than a mm of each other. Another option would have been to make a dowel or bolt that could be screwed into the existing bolt hole with a nail or sharpened screw in the center. After dry-fitting the Cdrive, it could be dropped down onto the marker to make a dimple in the bottom of the foot where the hole should be drilled. Craig Briggs suggested an old carpenter's trick of smearing some lipstick on the top of the nail and marking that way.

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