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We had new panels made in vinyl in Trinidad a couple of months ago. The seams are not velded they are glued and sewn. No leakage yet.

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I am not sure of the exact brand used by Amel. It is a woven fabric coated on both sides with polypropylene. I found a source in Spain that sells it at 3 meter widths and as the length, as long as you want it. This type of bimini cover is more common on power boats, and welding will be 100% waterproof and looks better. The 3 meter width gets you the entire width of the current bimini frame. The three frame covers that are inside the bimini should be welded and Amel used a stainless rivet at the four corners of each. There is a "gather" located at the location of the forward support tube which requires a cut and weld in the Bimini. Look for this gather on the top of your current bimini.

Amel has a new SM bimini, in stock, for 1,895 consists of new top, two new side panels, new tonneau cover, and shiny new turnbuckles. These are shipped in a storage bag of like-fabric. I just received one from Amel and had to pay VAT, ouch!

If you make a new bimini yourself, you can buy a handheld welder, but I believe it will be difficult to do as good of a job as Amel. 

This type of polypropylene fabric is also used in the trucking industry to use as "curtains" for the sides of trailers. As trailer curtains, they open or close to access cargo. I am sure you have seen these probably in a blue color. FedEx uses these curtains on their "Pup Trailers."  That is the reason for the 3 meter width...the width lays to the height of the curtain  It comes in several thicknesses. Do NOT buy thicker than Amel uses. I made that mistake. Be sure to "mike" the Amel bimini. I think it is 50mil, but not sure.

II know you are a "sewmeister." If you were to make a new one, you may want to use some of that really good rubberized marine Sunbrella.

Let me know if you have other questions. I tried an alternative to Amel, then had to pay Amel's price to be satisfied. So, I paid twice so that my friends can learn from my mistake and pay once. Bimini experience did not come cheap.

Advice to new Amel owners: Any time that I try to "out-Amel" Amel, it costs me. Trust Captain Henri Amel's decisions and you will save money and time.

Let me know if you have other questions. 

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(I think) I have an original bimini top an side panels. Does anyone know the brand, color and weight of the vinyl Amel used on the SM2K? And of course, a contact for supply in the USA would be great.




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