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Happy hunting Mike and Rebecca!
Try searching the Conversations for topics about buying an Amel...there have been several threads on this over the last few years.

I own a SuperMaramu, so I can't be specific about the Maramu, but I'd recommend that you find a surveyor who really knows Amels.  Preferably someone who has owned the model you are looking at.  Insist that you be there during the survey, and add a clause to the contract that includes 3-5 days of going over everything on the boat in detail with the previous owner or pay someone (there are probably people on this site who would do it for you) to do it if the old owner can't or won't.

Have fun and don't be afraid to ask questions.


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Hello everyone,

New member here. My wife and I are actively shopping for a Maramu 46. In addition to browsing the various threads here, I thought that we'd poll the membership for any issues that we should be on the lookout for when inspecting prospective boats. Should we actually purchase one, we'll no doubt be posting a lot more.

Thanks in advance for any help rendered.

Mike and Rebecca Sweeney

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