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I have had them serviced in St. Thomas, Singapore, and Turkey. I have never heard "can't do it." I wonder what all the vessels do in the port of Miami?

BTW, I had a hard time finding the automatic engine room primary CO2 tank. It is inside a wood box in the port lazzerret. Three or four screws hold the box in position...remove them to expose the tank.

I found it is cheaper and better to buy new small ones for the forward and aft berths, and refill the two at the companionway, the small starter in the engine room, and the large one I described in the lazzerret. Normally, the same guy will recertify inflatable life jackets and life buoys, if you have any of those.

Good luck and welcome again to the "club."

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It seems like we're going to close on a 2005 Amel SM next week (#477).  We're making a list from the survey and one thing we need to do is have the fire extinguishers serviced.  It looks like they are original (brand = Gloria?), which is a German brand I believe.

I called a Fort Lauderdale company and they said they could only refill U.S. brands, something about a special license. 

Does anyone know of a Fort Lauderdale or Miami company who could service the SM's Gloria extinguishers?


Duane Siegfried

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