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I just found USA source...a sailor who makes custom delrin sheaves and blocks. I will post the information as soon as I receive it. I have no idea of the quality, value, and price.

BTW, I noticed the sheaves at the end of BeBe's mizzen boom need replacing.

Riza at Emek Marine in Gocek, Turkey will probably be the best value. I am going to ask him about the mizzen sheaves because there is an Amel 55 there that is joining us in the Atlantic Odyssey II and could bring them to me.

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Thank you very much!  I actually ordered a couple of new fittings from Garhauer just over a week ago. But, There is no guarantee that they will work. If they do not, I will give your suggestion a shot.  How competitive is the pricing?  I guess it would be decent considering the fall of the Euro right now. 

Thank you 

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