Re: Shopping for a Maramu


Mike and Rebecca,

Another reason to find a surveyor who knows Amels well is (as you will hear on this site repeatedly) you need to question and thoroughly investigate any changes made to the boat especially to the electronics, bonding, and rigging.  Some of Henri's designs were contrary to contemporary thinking but have been proven by the test of time.

One concern I had when we bought our Maramu was the purchase of the main sheet.  There was only a single block on the boom and that was the point at which the boom broke from fatigue (it did not occur as a result of an uncontrolled jibe).  Our new boom has three three blocks to distribute the load.  We also installed a Boomkicker ( to eliminate the inconvenience of the topping lift -love it.

Make sure the rudder has not been sealed by some clueless yard worker.  If the rudder doesn't "drain", you'll need to correct that.

Don't worry if the boat lists to port.  Fill the fuel tank and it will level out.  If there isn't a full complement of chain in the chain locker and an "oversized" anchor on the bow, the stern will squat a bit -not an issue other than inadequate ground tackle.

The faux teak deck will begin cracking in older boats exposed to years of tropical sun.  This can be corrected in several effective ways but none of them inexpensive.

Good hunting.

Dennis Johns
s/v Libertad
Maramu #121


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