Re: Shopping for a Maramu

Hi Mike and Rebecca,
welcome to the world of Amel, i used a surveyor from Florida that was recommended by Joel potter who is THE Amel guy in n America and the first person to talk to in your search. His contract info: jfpottercys at att dot net or 954-8one2.2485. The surveyor is Paul anstey, email: : panstey at mindspring dot com.
I have been restoring a Maramu part time for the last 3 years and will be glad to answer any questions you guys have. You have taught me many things as I have been reading your blog since you passed me going south on the Hudson river many years ago and would love to return the favor. Only one thing...I hope you guys don't get
claustrophobic in a mono, your cats were huge! Good luck, it's a great boat and the help and knowledge and support you will get from this diverse group is well...amazing.
One love,
Ross (in NYC) (for my LAST winter)
Maramu # 261 1989

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