DC-DC 24V to 12V Sailor Transformers - VHF Radio Failure


Another one of those things that I love about Amels

Yesterday, I tried to help someone with a refrigeration problem on a BIG name brand yacht. I was unable to get to the Danfoss compressor controller to do basic tests. The access panel the yacht builder provided was not big enough to get my hands through. The owner decided to cut a hole in the fiberglass and install a larger access panel. I think that you probably remember my write-up on how to access the Amel refrigerator on a Super Maramu. One thumb nut and slide the entire thing out!

Today, our VHF radio suddenly quit. A check of the voltage, reflected no current going to the radio. The Sailor 6216 VHF radio is only about two years old.

I went to the DC-DC 24V to 12V Sailor transformers which I could access by removing two thumb nuts. They are mounted on a finished piece of mahogany plywood, with a long enough pigtail to set the entire thing on the nav-station stool. I noted the spare fuses Amel placed on the case of the first transformer, in case a fuse is blown. I opened the transformer labeled VHF. I found the fuse to be fine, but one of the power leads to the terminal-block was loose. The screw was tight and the wire-end properly soldered, but apparently when this was installed at Amel, the technician did not insert the wire-end under the screw before tightening. Clearly a mistake, but also easy to find and easy to fix.

I uploaded some photos for the newbies and those here thinking about owning one of these fine boats. Henri Amel is no longer with us, but the culture he instilled at the Amel yard will last forever...I hope!


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