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Is this installed instead of the dish washer? Or where is it?

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Hi Paul,

Sorry for the delay.  I don't know for sure but I do not see the top loading fridge on the original Amel inventory.  However, it seems very well integrated. You can see most of the following on the pics on the DropBox link.  It has a correct sized Corian cover, Sapelli trim, on the counter as well as the sides of the lid.  The box looks factory made of stainless (the Styrofoam panels you see in the interior are just there to keep bottles from knocking against the stainless.  I am guessing the unit is Waeco as that is the brand of the unit.  You can see the Danfoss positioned behind the trash can, lots of air space around it and a stainless vent down to the bilge.  The interior of the fridge is 42 cm x 40 cm by 51 cm deep.   The lid is about 5 cm thick and the whole thing seems very well insulated.  I think you are on the right track, having a top loading fridge for beverages or food is very handy and excellent for entertaining.  It is a good backup if there is a problem with the regular fridge and can be turned off and used as storage when underway or not needed. Hope this helps.
 Bob Rossi, KAIMI SM #429 

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