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Derick Gates SM2K #400 Brava



In thinking about your current task, I have been studying the diagram in the Files section that shows how to disassemble/assemble the C-drive.  Among the things that are not clear to me is exactly what parts stay with the boat and what parts make up the "lower end".  In documenting your assembly process, could you be sure to show pictures of the meshing of the two pieces?


Also, how long is the bolt that you are drilling the hole for in the foot of the C-drive housing?  The diagram makes it look fairly short, but perhaps the diagram does not show the length of the bolt to scale.  Does the bolt screw into a nut embedded in the keel, or does it completely penetrate the keel and the nut is on the bottom of the keel?  I assume that waterproofing this bolt hole is important to prevent rusting of the keel iron.  Have you observed how the inside of the bolt hole (the part in the keel) is protected from water/oxidative corrosion?


We are all pulling for you in the hopes that all goes smoothly.




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