Mizzen Mast mounting bolts

Gary Wells


We are enjoying the winter in the BVI aboard Adagio.  Today I ran into a bit of a mystery and was hoping to find out if anyone has explored this before (no luck on a search). 

The mizzen mast sits atop an aluminum plate that is secured with four sizeable machine screws. Two are slotted and two (longer ones) are eye-bolts with the mizzen control line blocks attached. 

Removing the access panel in the aft head, I can see that the two forward most screws are secured with washers and nuts below the deck, but the two aft ones are not accessible as far as I can tell.  Are they threaded into some kind of receiver, or just bedded/epoxied in place? 

It looks as though I would have to tear down headliner if in fact there are nuts recessed in the underside somewhere...  If anyone has replaced these aft screws I would appreciate the know-how.

Thanks in advance,

Gary W.

SM 209, Adagio

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