24V 60A Valeo Alternator Connections


Hi all.
We are reconnecting all the wiring to the engine and alternator after finally getting the CDrive and engine installed.  I am unsure of the connections of the alternator.  There are two large wires (blue and red) that we think connect to the batt (-) and batt (+) posts respectfully.  There are two small wires (brown and red) that we are not sure of.  There is a post marked D+ and another marked W.  The W post was not used.  I think the smaller wires are what tells the alternator to start charging, but not certain of that.

Can someone tell me how to reconnect?

Thanks in advance.

More to come on the CDrive installation later.  At least everything lined up dead-on once we got the spacer made...finally think we are getting close to back in the water!


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