Re: original rigging on maramu

Jochen Hofmann <jochen@...>

Hi Marc,
on our Maramu #143 (1983/84) there is a fixed "top stay" between the
main top and the mizzen top. Also, when we ordered complete new
standing rigging from Sparcraft in France about two years ago they
included this "top stay" in the shipment without even asking,so this
seems to be the standard layout.
As to the mizzen backstay ours are twin backstays running to the top
at the outer corners of the pushpit. Again Sparcraft apparently had
that on their files (or got it from Amel). I have seen some Maramus
having this configuration, but I have also seen some who have a single
backstay running to the center, but I don't know if they run to the
top or to the bottom of the pushpit. Does anyone know if Amel changed
that during the production of the "manual" Maramus ?

Jochen, BLUE SONG, Maramu #143 ( to be built soon).

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could anyone please tell me if originally the two masts were
interconectet by a "top stay"? on our maramu (1981) a stay is running
from the main mast top over a block/roll on the mizzen top down along
the mizzen to a point just above the block/roll of the mainsheet. since
i heard too many voices to remove it, i'm wondering if the amels put it
similar question: the aftstay of the mizzen runs to a point on top of
the center pushpit or to the foot of the center pushpit? the welding
seems not to be original on our stern...
marc, MELMAR Y, maramu #89,

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