Re: Fresh Water Pump accumulator tank


Hi Kent,

You might consider replacing it with a Shurflo, the model I think might be Aqua King 2.0; I’d have to check my boat to be sure. Here are the pluses:

1. It’s a demand pump, which means you don’t need the accumulator at all
2. It’s very quiet
3. It’s foot print seems to fit very nicely onto the mounting/vibration platform that exists for the current pump.
4. About $100

The only downside is I haven't been able too figure out how to wire it so that the green water pump indicator lamp on the 24V panel lights up. Major fear is a small leak in the fresh water system out at sea, pump staying on unnoticed, and then an empty water tank.

Hope to see you at the Chesapeake rally in Kristy this time instead of a paddle board. Pat, are you organizing this?

Tom Peacock
Aletes, SM #240

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