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Hello Bill, Gary and the group. That 'pipe' is there to bring the wires for
the aft most sensor for the sonic speed inside the boat AND ABOVE THE
WATERLINE. Since the aft most sensor is mounted deeper below the water line
than the forward one, it would be more likely for this one to seep/leak
over time. Bringing the top of the tube up above the waterline would keep
any leak from propagating and sinking the boat if one were away and didn't
notice the saloon sole floorboards floating.

No, I didn't make this up! It was told to me by none other than Jacques
Carteau, the Technical Manager and one time very reluctant Chairman of Amel,
after Bonneteau and before Lemonnier. Carteau is quite an interesting fellow
that someone should do a biography on as he is still with us to edit it.

I can't recall specific details of the repair-replacement of sonic speed
senders but I am aware of several Amel owners who took on the replacement of
sonic speed senders which must be replaced as a team/both at the same time.
Most of them completed the arduous task noting it is not for faint hearts.
Some bailed out and put in a paddle wheel sender instead.

Olivier, are both senders cabling inside conduit/tubes or must they be dug

Thank God for Olivier. If you see him, feed him well and give him a good
glass of wine.

All The Best. Have fun With Your Amel!


Joel F. Potter/Cruising Yacht Specialist LLC


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Gary is absolutely correct. Although I cannot see or feel a wire exiting
this hose, when I shine a bright light on the hose, I can see a wire inside.

This vent comment was a side comment to the observations I made when opening
and cleaning the fresh water tank's 3 ports. It was a quick and careless
assumption on my part. I apologize for that assumption and will correct the
graphic today.

This brings me back to my earlier comment to Eric that the only venting of
the water tank is through the floating gauge pipe.

Gary, Boris at Amel told me that the sensors would have to be cut out of the
hull. B&G told me they must be installed in matched pairs. At least we know
where one of the sensor wires is routed.

Bill Rouse
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Hi all:

The hose in photo number 4 (labeled tank vent), is NOT a tank vent. It is a
hose that exits at the inboard edge of the the aft locker under the table in
the saloon.

If you look closely in the picture, and you can check this on your own boat,
you can make out that there is an electrical cable inside the hose. I asked
Olivier about this hose when we took delivery of the boat and he indicated
that the hose was there to protect the cable inside, and that cable is the
sonic speed indicator sensor/transmitter that is imbedded in the leading
edge of the stub keel (i.e. the lower aft transducer of the two sonic speed
transducers). At the forward end of the hose the cable exits and traversed
starboard to route to the sonic speed computer that is strapped under the
shelf in the forward lower cupboard beside the starboard side saloon seat.

Olivier, if you see this, can you shed some light on how i t might be
possible (or not possible) to replace the sonic speed sensors (both in the
stub-keel and the forward hull). It seems many of us have had failure of
the transducers. Are the sensors in some sort of conduit that allow them to
be pulled and replaced?

All the best,

Gary Silver

s/v Liahona

lying Sapphire Bay Marina, St. Thomas, USVI

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