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Ian Shepherd <ocean53@...>

Hi Roy,

Would you please let me know if you have successfully installed your inline
TDS meters? I installed one immediately after the outlet from the membranes
on my 160 l/h unit and it came up with an error message after a second or so
I suspect that the flow rate might have been too high there as the meter
worked when the output hose was connected taken off the copper pipe that
goes to the tank and the water allowed to pass through the sensor fittings.
That's too low down to mount the meter in the galley, so if you find a
location higher up that works, then please let me know.

There have been several promises from Rod Boreham and Joel for a
clarification statement on exactly what protection there is against bad
water polluting our one and only water tank, but to date I have seen nothing
published. The fact that no reassurance has been forthcoming gives me an
uneasy feeling. It's time the record was put straight. If the protection is
not there, then there is a potentially dangerous situation for those of us
who rely upon the integrity of our water tank for long distance passages.
The facts must be known to Desallator, so why have they not come forwards to
defend their design? It's time we knew whether the salinity probe does what
we all hope it will do, or not.

Several have suggested that shorting the probe contacts will test it's
function. I am told that this is not so as the probes are subjected to a 500
Hz alternating voltage and so shorting them does not simulate a high
salinity content.


Ian Shepherd SM 414 'Crusader'

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From: rbenven44
Date: 01/13/06 22:55:37
Subject: [Amel Yacht Owners] TDS Tester and in-line meter

I have been following the discussion about watermakers and
especially the reliability of the salinity sensor on the Dessalator
unit. I recently had to replace a RO unit at home, and started looking
for suppliers on line. I found this source:
that sells portable TDS meters for under $40, and an in-line meter for
under $50. They seem like good investments to check the quality of our
watermakers. I will be ordering one or both for our boat.

Regards, Roy (Excalibur SM #195)

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