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Hello Group. This boat has an interesting story. The original owners/builders had a Sharki named Arc en Ciel (Rainbow) that I had the privilege of selling for them in Fort Lauderdale many (25?) years ago. I vaguely recall that he was a retired TWA Airlines Captain and she was a Dentist who escaped from her East German birth and upbringing in a somewhat perilous fashion. They were very interesting people who were both cut from an uncommon bolt of cloth and followed their own path in all things. They wanted a SM 53 but were torn by some details that they thought they could improve on. They liked New Zealand so during our discussions we talked about Laurie Davidson as I knew him from when I worked with a group who imported Cavalier Yachts from New Zealand (built by Jim Lawry/Export Yachts New Zealand, another very interesting rascal who I enjoyed knowing) into California back in the 1970’s. Mr. Davidson is a switched on and wicked smart yet unpretentious gentleman who designed the Cavaliers amongst other notables including an America’s Cup winner while the Americas Cup was still fun to follow. I also discussed with them the builder, Donaldson Yachts, as I had sold a few serious cruising boats they had built and appreciated their dedication to quality over low cost and in doing things right the first time. They had Laurie Davidsons Group draw the hull and if you look at it closely you can see vaporous telltale elements of common Davidson features in the shape of the stern and the near vertical slab sidedness of the hull at mid-section, and a Davidson forefoot. The standard Amel interior configuration was tweaked into what is here, for better or for worse depending on your particular requirements. I was told by folks who I trust in their opinions that the boat presented well but seemed a step ‘off’ in many ways. The in boom furling fitted would not have been most people’s first choice for a variety of reasons. If imitation is indeed the most sincere form of flattery…?

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Wow talk about an Amel clone !!

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As a former Davidson owner I can assure you this is not a Davidson. I suspect the broker messed up.



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I thought this might be interesting to SM owners. I have no connection to the boat but the respected designer appears to have been very heavily influenced by Amel.

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