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I have mentioned this before, but for the sake of those who did not see it, there is an alternative to drilling for a paddlewheel.

Tinley Electronics in the UK manufactures a black box that coverts NMEA GPS SOG to B&G paddlewheel SOW. All of the functions, instruments, and logs will work perfectly. The only downside is that your speed will be true speed and you will not see any Drift, or difference between SOW & SOG. However, we all know that when you arrive at your destination is based on SOG, and knowing the SOW and the Drift/Current only enables frustration, or, in the case of positive current, it enables false joy of false speed. This Tinley black box is a standard stocked item and is referred to as NMEA GPS to B&G. It connects to the B&G computer at the nav station where the paddle wheel would connect, connects to 12VDC at the same place the B&G instrument connects, and connects to NMEA OUT from any GPS.

Contact Sarah Pidgley at Sarah"at" and tell her hello from Bill BeBe.

Oh, and BTW, Tinley will repair unrepairable B&G instruments and has an inventory of used instruments and parts. They will also build custom black boxes that will do almost anything.

I hope this will helpsome of you.

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At the last Miami and Ft Lauderdale boat shows I spent a good deal of time with the B&G folks - both a product development engineer and sales team managers - all asserted that the Sonic Speed is no longer a supported product and is not offered as a current product. They also stated it is not compatible with the new H5000 system.  Don't know if the UK scene is different, but suspect not. A shame as my Sonic Speed was always bullet proof and after recent lightning damage I'm having to switch to the paddlewheel version.

Craig Briggs
SN#68, Sangaris, Ft Lauderdale

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