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I don't have the answers that you are looking for.

If I were to guess, my guess would be that some electric device has been added to the battery bank and its case connected to the bonding system. For example, when I first moved on the boat, I noticed some green/yellow wires that were purposefully terminated near the SSB and GPS. Each of these devices had a ground lug and it appeared to me that the installer forgot to connect the yellow/green wire. This voice inside my head told me, "don't fix what you do not understand." I left them as they were, while another voice was telling me to connect them. It could be something that simple.

The issue is that many device cases are connected (grounded)  to the (-) side of the DC power. In thias situation, when you connect the green/yellow bonding wire to the case, you have also connected the (-) pole of the battery bank to the bonding system.

Hopefully I have given you some places to look.

Also, I looked at that terminal block photo. It appears to me that a lot has been added there.  And it appears that most are unlabeled. I would disconnect all of the leads, check your battery bank (+) to the bonding yellow/green and see if that voltage disappeared. If it did, reconnect 1 set +&- at a time to find the device. Each time you connect one, label it.  If disconnecting all of them did not locate your problem, still reconnect one at a time and label it. You might consider connecting a multiple fused-block to the original terminal block, then connect each item to its own fuse. Neater and better. Something like this with a negative bus:

OK, I have filled your available time for a week. If you like, I will take a photo of that terminal block as it came from Amel because I have not added anything. Let me know.

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