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Hi Roy,

Would you please let me know if you have successfully installed
your inline TDS meters?

Hi Ian,

I ended up buying the portable TDS meter, and will check it out when
I go to the boat next month. Gary Silver on Liahona, I believe,
installed the in-line sensor. He should tell you about his

On my SM (#195) the control panel for the watermaker has a small
faucet that can be used to sample product water. I always check this
before filling my tank, as I have believed since the first year I had
the boat that the salinity tester did not work. I normally check the
product water by tasting it, but now I will supplement that by
measuring the TDS.

Do newer SMs still have this faucet on the Dessalator control panel
in the galley? It's a very valuable item, and maybe Dessalator can
be persuaded to re-install it if it's no longer there.

Regards, Roy

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