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On my Sterling charger/inverter there is an internal connection between the DC neg and the case.  If you connect the grounding post on the case to the bonding system, you have your connection.  I think most charger/inverters are wired this way.  I've removed this piece of equipment from the boat.


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Hi Alan,


Thanks for the response. I have a couple of issues going on here. Connected to this terminal are the yellow/green wires. Because there is  24v between these and the pos(+). I understand now I have a connection somewhere that needs to be looked for and broken.


However, when testing the Gnd solid green wire from the Furuno heading sensor (for the Furuno radar unit), I disconnected the green wire from this terminal (behind the nav station) and I get 24v. This is also true for the green wire coming off the 30 amp battery charger. This is telling me that both the battery charger and the heading sensor have internal connections from Neg(-) to the ground wires. This doesn’t seem right?




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Hi Mark,

Somewhere you have a device that has an internal connection between 24V -ve and ground.

Suspects are inverters, DC-DC converters, alternators, radios....

I would suggest disconnecting the ground wires of these one by one until you find the culprit.

No DC -ve should be connected to ground anywhere on an Amel  



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