Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] Re: Sonic Speed transducer repair/replacement - how?


Be aware when ordering your new Sonic transducers that they are easily confusedĀ with the shorter ninety degree model shown on the B and G catalogue.
Amel have fitted two straight transducers approximately 100mm long.
I recently hauled Seafever with the view of replacing the transducers as part of a general refit, only to find that I had been supplied with the wrong parts.
The supplier, recently referred to on this site, has been indifferent with regard to exchange or refund and has now decided that any recompense will be at their discretion, but it will not be in full and postage etc will be for my account.
Airmar supplied a paddle wheel which was fitted and worked immediately. I noted during the installation that the new transducer was in good company, as Amel had used an Airmar depth transducer.

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