Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] Re: Sonic Speed transducer repair/replacement - how?

Olivier Beaute

Good evening,

Craig is right and the sensors are no more produced (but may be still available at some retailer's).

First of all, this system works nice when both sensors are perfectly aligned. They also must be covered with a rubber plug (which prevents fouling).
In case you find new sensors, you may face two possibilities:

In the beginning, AMEL included the sensors in the GRP of the hull and keel. For replacement, you had to destroy the sensor and its GRP embedment, and then mount it with new GRP, taking good care of the alignment (impossible without the special tool AMEL used).

Later on (around 2000, maybe a bit earlier), to ease the sensors replacement, AMEL included two GRP tubes in the hull and keel, with double O-rings Inside. The sensors with cables were then just pushed in these  tubes (with vaseline). Inside the vessel, you could see the PVC ducts for the sensors cables. It is , of course, much easier to replace the sensors in the second case (the tubes being already  aligned).

Bon courage.


On Monday, April 13, 2015 8:25 PM, galacsea2000 wrote:

It is quite true that the Sonic Speed itself is not made or sold anymore but B&G is still selling pairs of sensors replacement. I checked with US, French and UK retailers and found that they are available for about $500.
Has any one tried/succeeded in replacing these 2 sensors ? Could you share with the Group how to do that ?

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