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Hi Roy,

Thanks for the mail. You are right. The later SM's did not come with the
faucet on the water maker control panel. It was relocated to the oil
reservoir attached to the high pressure pump. It makes for easy and frequent
oil changes, but to sample the water product with my hand held Hanna TDS
meter, I have to disconnect the pipe in the engine room that goes to the
tank and gather a sample into a cup.

I look forward to hearing from Gary about his experiences with an inline TDS



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Date: 03/24/06 17:42:14
Subject: Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] TDS Tester and in-line meter

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Hi Roy,

Would you please let me know if you have successfully installed
your inline TDS meters?

Hi Ian,

I ended up buying the portable TDS meter, and will check it out when
I go to the boat next month. Gary Silver on Liahona, I believe,
installed the in-line sensor. He should tell you about his

On my SM (#195) the control panel for the watermaker has a small
faucet that can be used to sample product water. I always check this
before filling my tank, as I have believed since the first year I had
the boat that the salinity tester did not work. I normally check the
product water by tasting it, but now I will supplement that by
measuring the TDS.

Do newer SMs still have this faucet on the Dessalator control panel
in the galley? It's a very valuable item, and maybe Dessalator can
be persuaded to re-install it if it's no longer there.

Regards, Roy

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