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Dimitris Krasopoulos

The Bamar furlers are of very bad quality most propably you have to open the furler and put new grease inside and have a Bamar technician check the electronics of the furler. It is a shame of Amel to use such bad quality furlers

Alma libre too 
Amel 54

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Hello group,

On my recent trip, my headsail furler stopped working.

The breaker switch was not thrown. My initial thought was that the toggle switch was bad. Having the staysail, and knowing that it's furler was working fine, I switched the toggles for the two, hoping to use the staysail furler toggle if that was the problem. It wasn't. (BTW, I tested the headsail furler toggle switch with the staysail, and it worked fine).

Checking the headsail electronic brain box , I noticed that the green indicator light that is on the outside of the box was not lit. The same lite on the staysail furler brain box was lit.

Opening the box, the circuit board has a small green indicator light. That was lit. I thought that perhaps there was a fuse in the circuit somewhere (similar to the b&g brain circuit board...which has a small 5a fuse), but I didn't find one.

Since we were encountering lite winds, I just manually furled the few times I needed to, which, btw, led me to put a drill winch bit ( on my buy it now list.

Considering that these furling motors are just glorified starter motors, with brushes that create a dust environment within the motor over time, I'm wondering if the motor itself has found a dead spot. That is a regular occurance (every few years) for the autopilot on my F/V. That said, I'm wondering if, regardless of whether or not that is my problem, that the furler motors should be removed (if possible) and have the motors cleaned out and new brushes installed by a starter/alternator shop.

I am hauling out, so I've got some time to get to the bottom of this issue. Anyone with insight into these issues....initial furler not working, and motor removal/brush replacement, your feedback is greatly appreciated.

Good day to all.

Jeff 54 #14 Spirit

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