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Our boats are very close in number, so I though I would share my experience. I also had my head sail furler stop working about eighteen months ago. I did open the motor and found all is well. I just cleaned it and re-greased it. I determined it was a failure of the Bamar control box. On my boat, #31, the control boxes for both the head sail and the stay sail are mounted in the bow locker with the bow thruster. There was enough length in the wires going to the head sail Bamar controller box to reach the controller box for the stay sail. I simply connected the wires for the head sail into the stay sail controller, which verified the failure of the box, and then I used the stay sail switch to control the head sail while I got the replacement controller. ( I don't use the stay sail often).
I will echo another responders comments, that the Bamar controllers are poor quality. The rep for Bamar USA (who is in Canada) admitted that they knew the original boxes were poor quality and they have had endless trouble with them. They have designed a new version of the controller. They did not have a rebuilt unit available, so he sold me a "updated version" controller. When I took it to the boat to install, I found a loose capacitor rattling around in the box. It had come off the circuit board in shipping. I brought it back home and had it repaired. On the next trip to the boat I found the the control switch wire connections are different. I am confident I can sort it out, but have not yet done that. I did not launch my boat this year, so I am delayed in getting that project completed.
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