broken bolts off the flexible coupling

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Hello everybody,

I discovered a few weeks ago a broken (off) locknut under the engine ... i discovered it was one off the 4 locknut/bolts off the flexible coupling/ generator .

I tigthened the three remaining locknut bolts and continued sailing motoring in the bocas del toro area panama.

It was mostly motoring and no heavy seas i useally motor my MD22 L at 2400 revs and do more or less 5 to 5.5 knots depending on the seastate.

Yesterday i motored out off an anchoridge and noticed more fibrations and tougth i had something in the propeller... took a dive and checked it... nothing .I went in the engineroom and discovered two more bolts and lock nuts from the flexible coupling had broken off . i motored backslowly and i am  now in a safe anchoridge.

All my plans to go north are gone... 

Does anyone have any experiance with this problem? All the advice, suggestions  are wellcome

Chased murphy off the boat and hope he stays away.

Thank you in advance


Miles ahead

Santorin 1994 nr 101


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