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The most important issue with 3/8" and/or 10mm chain is the "pitch" which is the length of the link. 3/8 chain comes in two different pitches and if you do not match the gypsy correctly, you will have to buy a new windlass gypsy.

Most gypsies are marked. Go the the photos section of the Amel Owner's Group and search on chain, you will see a photo of a Lofranz gypsy marked 3/8 10 HD P 30.This is most likely what you have. But, you could have DIN standard which is a different pitch. Do some internet searches for DIN and ISO 3/8" chain and you will see what I am talking about.

The difference in pitch between DIN and ISO is small. If you cannot identify what your gypsy is, take it off and with you to shop for chain. When shopping, manually lay at least two feet through the gypsy to see if it lays properly. Remember, I said the difference is slight. When you are doing your research write down the different pitches so that you are prepared and maybe bring a micrometer to measure.

I hope this helps you.

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Just a quick question.....I removed and inspected my 300' of anchor chain. I have some suspect links (it appears the chain was never flipped end for end). Anyway on my sharki / lofrens tigres, the chain gypsy has 6 link wells and my measured chain is 3/8".

I spoke with Imtra, and now the question is the chain HT, BBB, or PC?  My guess is HT, but I need to confirm before I order new chain....Any thoughts?

BTW> if anyone wants to buy my old chain, $2 per foot for 275' of good chain.  I'll whackin off the about 30' off one end.  I'm in Annapolis area and can drop off.



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