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Gary, in about 2006, we added about 25 meters of this Budget Marine chain with a P31 pitch to our original chain to give us 100 meters for Pacific anchorages. It ran fine with our P30 original gypsy, although we rarely put out more than about 74 meters.

When we were in Turkey we replaced the chain and the gypsy with 10mm DIN.

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Hi Bill:

I have just been re-reading the various posts on the forum on anchor chain.  I appreciate your insights.  It would appear that Liahona (hull #335) was originally outfitted by Amel with 10mm HT (high test)  ISO 4565 chain.  This is a G40 (Group 40) chain that gives a working load of 7,200 lbs (as best as I can determine).

The only marine chain that I can find in the USA is ACCO chain (now owned by Peerless).  It is listed as 3/8 inch ISO chain with and inside link length of 1.220 inches that converts to 30.988 mm.  In fact Budget Marine St. Martin list this chain as 3/8 in ISO P31, whereas our gypsy (as originally supplied by Amel) is a P30.  

Any thoughts on the 0.988 mm difference in pitch making a difference.  I know the DIN 28 mm Pitch doesn't fit the P30 gypsy. 

Anybody else out there purchased and used ACCO 3/8 inch ISO HT P31 chain with the original Amel Lofrenz gypsy?

Gary Silver
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