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Hello Gang,

I know the gent who publishes this site..  loads of anchor/chain info.


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Hi Bill:

I have just been re-reading the various posts on the forum on anchor chain.  I appreciate your insights.  It would appear that Liahona (hull #335) was originally outfitted by Amel with 10mm HT (high test)  ISO 4565 chain.  This is a G40 (Group 40) chain that gives a working load of 7,200 lbs (as best as I can determine).

The only marine chain that I can find in the USA is ACCO chain (now owned by Peerless).  It is listed as 3/8 inch ISO chain with and inside link length of 1.220 inches that converts to 30.988 mm.  In fact Budget Marine St. Martin list this chain as 3/8 in ISO P31, whereas our gypsy (as originally supplied by Amel) is a P30.  

Any thoughts on the 0.988 mm difference in pitch making a difference.  I know the DIN 28 mm Pitch doesn't fit the P30 gypsy. 

Anybody else out there purchased and used ACCO 3/8 inch ISO HT P31 chain with the original Amel Lofrenz gypsy?

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