How do you remove the Prop shaft??

Craig Briggs

To the gang,

Unfortunately our prop shaft got bent upon hauling last week - long story but the lifting sling went under the prop.  The bend is 15 thousandths (inch) which the local prop gurus say dictates having to remove it to fix or replace.

Does anyone know how to remove it? 

My take from studying what limited material I have is to disconnect the top of the drive from the steel framework, then maneuver the entire drive so I can rotate it and get at the front part where the shaft stub goes into the keel.  Then remove the fairing compound, and hopefully find some sort of end cap that can be removed to allow the shaft to slide out.  But I'm just guessing and that seems too easy.

Any first hand knowledge would be greatly appreciated.

Best to all,

Craig Briggs, 1992 SN#68 Sangaris, Ft Lauderdale.

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