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Vic & all,

I never have a problem getting a response to emails to sav"at"

I always include Amel Model like Super Maramu 2000, hull number, and a photo of the part in question. However, I have never asked them how to repair something, where to buy the part direct, or to recommend a repair facility. I have never asked them for a specification so that I could find, source and buy a cheaper part.

We have to remember that Amel SAV is in the business of specifying, sourcing, stocking, sometimes designing, and reselling parts for a profit. It is not a non-profit enterprise, and there are costs to Amel for it to be available to us. Yes, you may pay a little more to buy the part from Amel SAV, but the profit they make keeps them available to all of us. And yes, they use the most reliable method of transportation, which is also the most expensive...but face it, if you were them, that would be your choice also because if the transportation company does not deliver, we would blame Amel SAV.

Please understand, Vic, that I am not saying that you did ANY of the examples I gave above. But, we all need to understand why we have such a remarkable source as Amel SAV and I urge everyone to support it, rather than just using it when all else fails.

I am not aware of any Amel model that Amel SAV no longer supports...Microsoft and Apple should follow Amel's example of support. I am aware that some components used by Amel in the past are no longer available from the original source.

Although I have never needed to phone Amel SAV, if an email went unanswered, I would call them. Have you called SAV, Vic?

I hope this will help you find the part that you need, and good luck with your problem.

BeBe 387

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Thank You for all suggestions,

I managed to get my old electric motor back to working condition, but still will feel better to be able to locate spare unit for peace of mind.

Amel as usual does not react to any e-mails. I send to Amel fr.  ( sav@...  and amel@... ) more then five mail with different questions, but did not get any answer - they dont care .

My problem is that I cant find enywhere the specification of  electric motors to be able to locate suitable replacement. ( RPM, power in W) I suppose that some of the windlass motors may fit the list.

If everything fails I will consider retrofitting of manual sail operation gear.





Vic  S/Y Hatty

Amel Maramu 46 / hull 199/1986

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