Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] PANTAENIUS America Ltd

Alexandre Uster von Baar

Good morning,

Last July in Nassau a powerboat insured by Pantaenius lost control then panic in the marina destroying my boat pulpit.
A month later, Pantaenius only wanted to accept 50% responsibility.
Reasons involved: my boat was longer than the slip, it is not out client’s fault, as your witness wrote there was current and wind, etc.
I spent lots of time talking to lawyers to explain Mr Delassee and his expert Mr Rousselon these reasons had no legal value.

Mr Delassee nor Mr Rousselon ever defended my interest, and keep wanting me to accept 50% responsibility.
I contacted directly my insurance company (Helvetia), explained the situation and they totally agreed that I was not at fault.

Repair have started last week. I trust Helvetia will honor the repairs (I have to advance the money). I will post an update.

I will never use again Mr Delassee as a broker, he is worthless. I already ask Helvetia to introduce me to another one.

Regarding Pantaenius, view the lies they used, I would not use them either.

And by the way, I am very lucky there was witness, which were marina employees…

I can write the complete detail story if needed.

During that whole process there was many funny anecdotes Mr Delassee writing: “Mr Uster we told you not to be in US water”.
My reply (which made laugh Helvetia): “Nassau is in the Bahamas, which has been independent from the UK for 41 years. Has nothing to do with US water, the only thing that is US is the boat that hit me and this could have happened any where”.
Plus for info, I pay 30% more premium for cruising US water (as american insurance are notorious to make things hard when an accident happened).
Many insurance will not insure foreign vessel in US water.

Anyway, hope that helps…

Sincerely, Alexandre
In repair in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA.


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Subject: Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] PANTAENIUS America Ltd
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Date: Sunday, April 19, 2015, 4:52 AM


Pantanaeius pulled the policy we
wrote with them in NZ when www reached Malaysia a year
later. They said it was because of new risks in the area. Of
course it cost us a new survey for a new insurance company.

I believe Pantanaeius has different rules in
different parts of the world, and for that reason it is
probably not a company for someone crossing oceans and
visiting other countries.
Because of what Pantanaeius did to us, I will
not consider them again. We have a policy with Geoffroy de
Lassée gdelassee"at",
and they do specialize in Amels. Write him and ask him for a
copy of the policy they have on BeBe. BTW, the policy does
not cover BeBe in US waters, and they will not cover a boat
with a USA home port. If you are a USA lawyer, you know
why.  BeBe is USA documented vessel with a USA address and
a home port of St. Thomas. It is easy and completely legal
to change your home port with the USCG.
Bill Rouse

BeBe Amel 53 #387

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HiThis appended in Thailand
about 10 years ago.  Cruisers in their 60s who were going
to Chagos wrote to pay their premium early as communications
would be difficult. The Aussie couple were told their policy
would not be renewed.Rather than have
Akwaaba's policy refused we looked around for another
insurer...QBE.Later at the  Southampton boat
show we approached the CEO of Pantanaeius ,an Amel owner,
who said that a policy to an Amel would not be refused!  He
claimed there was a high rate of lightening damage in SE
Chris Smither
,Santorin Sloop ,1990

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On 19 Apr 2015, at
01:37, Steve Davis flyboyscd@...
[amelyachtowners] <amelyachtowners@...>


Hi Eric,
We also have Pantaenius, but have
not yet received a letter like yours. My guess is we will
all get this, as it sounds like they are changing the times
and cruising grounds a bit. Our policy is not up for renewal
until February 2016, and we may not get this notice until
closer to that date. It does not sound as if they intend to
cancel your policy, but will require you to acknowledge the
changes before issuing a renewal. I have to admit, this is a
strange way to go about it, as it would seem more reasonable
to just send out the renewal with the new rules and price,
and you could accept it or not. It also indicates the price
will be going up, and I'd like to know by how
I'll plan
to call my agent with Pantaenius on Monday, and see what he
can tell me. If you hear anything more, please post it on
the forum. 
Regards,Steve a
DavisS/V Aloha SM72St Augustine, FL

On Apr 18, 2015, at
14:48, sailormon kimberlite@...
[amelyachtowners] <amelyachtowners@...>


I just receive a
note from the above insurance company that my policy will
not be renewed I have not had
anyClaims on any boat
ever. Has anyone else received this non-renewal notice, and
what is it all about .It is very legalese
and very hard to understand. It seems like it only applies
to the west coast and Mexican
WindsEricKimberlite Amel
Super Maramu #376  
As of January
2015, the Pantaenius America Yacht policy will no longer be
automatically renewing, As such, we are required to
deliver a notice of non-renewal (attached) and your existing
policy will be terminating on its renewal date.

Additionally, we have updated
our West Coast Cruising areas as stated below in order to
better serve the individual cruising needs of our insureds.
The rates may have increased due to the recent weather
related catastrophic events as well as the new weather
trends we’ve been seeing. If you are interested in
receiving a quotation for the 2015-2016 policy term, please
respond to this email indicating the option of your choice
and a premium quotation can be provided.If your
upcoming cruising plans are not reflected in the options
below, please provide a detailed itinerary so a premium
quotation can be offered.

I: If the vessel will NOT be, south 30.5
degrees, the following cruising area will apply:
Inland waters, bays and coastal
waters east to 50° West Longitude and west to 135° West
Longitude, and north to 52° North Latitude, and south to
30.5° North Latitude.II. If the vessel will be
navigating in Mexican waters between November 2nd
through July 14th (not in Mexico during the
Summer/Fall season), we can offer the following
cruising area: Canadian and United States Pacific
Coast and Inland Waters, and Bays and Mexican Pacific
Coastal Waters, west to 135 degrees West Longitude, east to
98 degrees West Longitude, north to 52 degrees North
Latitude and south to 30.5 degrees North Latitude.
Navigation is extended to allow the vessel to be within 30.5
degrees North Latitude and 7 degrees North Latitude and east
to 77.5 degrees West Longitude in the Pacific Ocean. Waters
of the Panama Canal are excluded. It is warranted that the
vessel is not south of 30.5 degrees North Latitude in the
Atlantic Ocean, inland waters, Caribbean Sea, Gulf of
Mexico, Pacific Ocean, waters of Mexico, and the Panama
Canal between July 15th and November
1st.III. If the vessel will be
remaining in Mexican waters for the storm season, July
15th through November 1st, we
can offer the following cruising area:
Canadian and United States Pacific
Coast and Inland Waters, and Bays and Mexican Pacific
Coastal Waters, west to 135 degrees West Longitude, east to
98 degrees West Longitude, north to 52 degrees North
Latitude and south to 30.5 degrees North Latitude.
Navigation is extended to allow the vessel to be within 30.5
degrees North Latitude and 7 degrees North Latitude and east
to 77.5 degrees West Longitude in the Pacific Ocean. Waters
of the Panama Canal are excluded. Option III requires we have the a
Named Tropical Storm Plan Warranty Form completed and
returned to our office for review and approval to determine
a separate Named Storm
deductible.If we do not receive a response
from you, your policy will terminate on it’s renewal date
as noted above. Feel free to contact our office with any


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