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Duncan Hagemeyer

Why should this be a problem?  Over the years I have seen every imaginable problem solved by fellow Amel owners.  One of the biggest problems a boat owner can have is the sale of their boat. Certainly one of the most costly. If I know of someone that has a desire to buy and Amel and become a fellow owner I am sure going to tell another owner who might wish to sell their boat  Why would I not share the contact information for the boat that is for sale?

Certainly it is wise for most buyers and sellers to engage an expert on the valuation of any yacht...any brand, any age.  No two boats are ever the same. We all know this. Since every Amel is virtually a clone of the others in the series there is a real logic to sharing this information.  And, don't we all believe that Amel's are very special boats for very special people that actually need an Amel if they are truly going to become world cruisers?

I am 68 and know the day is coming when she will be sold.  She is undergoing a rigorous maintenance overhaul right now by Amel trained specialists.  I now know my lifestyle has changed and I will soon be looking for a small cruising catamaran for short term, regional sailing use.  I will not become the global cruising sailor I once thought was in the plans.  So I too would love to see someone that NEEDS an Amel 54 get a chance to discuss my boat with those that know Amel's best...An Amel owner.

There are probably a handful of truly competent broker/agents that know Amel's and have sailed Amel's and are worthy of handling the listing of our boats. Possibly the answer is to share their names with those that are shopping the global websites in search of a boat that would not meet their needs. I would think that it would benefit this group to create a program where the Amel quality and design are marketed in such a way that any new potential buyer would have a place to find the facts from the owners and agents who act as the arbitrator on the valuation of any specific boat.  

This would be appropriate for every current owner who will one day sell their boat and be fair to every future owner becasue they will know their is a process where they will  have an Amel marketing plan  that will allow them to receive a fair price.

Would one take their BMW to a Mercedes dealer and ask them to sell their car and send them the money?

I wish for Lone Star a fair return for their investment in an Amel.

Warm Regards to all the group,

Duncan Hagemeyer,
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To all
I do not like to use this Forum as a selling platform . I think we should us this Amel Forum for Info Exchange. There are a lot of Other Websites to promote the individual Sales of your boats. Lets discuss this with all Members , whats your opinion with my thoughts
Good sailing to all Amel lovers
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I know the Lone Star as we anchored next to them a month ago in Little Josh Van Dyke and had the pleasure of meeting Craig & Jan. We are both from Texas.

I also have an AMEL 54 in perfect condition. BOZO CINQ has been well maintained by loving, caring and knowledgeable owners. It is presently located in the VI’s. It is listed with an outstanding brokerage firm who has sold and knows AMELS. Look at for detailed information about the BOZO CINQ. 

TO: Those people in this Group looking to buy an Amel - The BOZO CINQ is an Amel that you should look at! It is possible that this is one of the best Amels offered for new ownership. Even if you are looking for a newer or older model, this is the one you should use as a benchmark against all others.

Gary & Joanne Wollenberg
Bozo Cinq
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