Re: size of masthead sheaves and mainhalyard for SM 2000

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I recently needed to know the diameter of the jib sheets. A quick email to Olivier Beaute,
After Sales Service at yielded a prompt reply with the specifics for my Serial
Number boat. I recommend that you send Olivier an email. I konw that this yahoo site will
strip out the above email address so if you don't know amel.s email address go to their web
site at and get it there or email me personally and I will give it to you.

Gary Silver

I have to replace the mainhalyard on my sm#349. The prior owner had cut off the majority
of the halyard and it is hooked to a slide on a t-track on the mast. The halyard is less than
7/16 inches?!. DOes anyone know the sheeve size for the main halyard and the proper diam.
of the original or recommended halyard? Thanks, murray seidel
"Sundance" sm 349

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