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To cheek the DC drive of the bow thruster the best way is to record under load the current and the voltage going out of the battery (curent can easy measured on the shunt near the 24v battery),
A problem is very rare on this drive
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Le 22/04/2015 10:33, Charles Macdonald c.macdonald@... [amelyachtowners] a crit:

Hi Everyone,
Welcome to our newcomers (people who are even newer than myself).
Several topics caught my attention lately : insurance policy, SAV Amel, quality and nature of exchange in this group.
Briefs notes, for whatever they are worth:
Insurance: I am with de Lassee, recommended to me by one of you. They did not make a fuss when I asked an extension to the Caribbean and the US East Coast, and offered a policy about twice cheaper than my previous insurance company. So far, so good.
SAV Amel: did respond to previous questions and offered help, but do not respond to my present queries regarding the bow thruster.
Group exchange: excellent, very supportive and friendly. Keep it the way it is.
I am still on the receiving side more than on the giving side. But I got superb advice from this group, on several issues.

Bow thruster: the fairing on my Maramu (i.e. the V shaped element that is attached to the end of the shaft and conforms to the shape of the hull) is gone. No more. I asked SAV Amel (Christian Dufourd and Maud Touillet) what to do about it. They answered that they were going to look for the mold but did not follow up with the result of this search, in spite of several messages I sent them. My other question was: how damaging could it be to go on sailing without the said element (fairing). There was yet another and even more pressing question: my bow thruster does not work properly. The propeller turns slowly. They said its either a problem with the engine, or a mechanical problem. Could not decide which so far. Anyone with an answer to these queries? I read the excellent description on this site by Gary Silver. Very useful indeed. However I guess repairs on the bow thruster will be difficult unless the boat is on the dry.

My Maramu is now anchored in St Martin and I intend to sail back to France by early May. I probably will not be able to replace the fairing until I am back in France. I am concerned about it and about the damage it may further create. As for the trouble with the thruster, I hope to have the electric and/or engine problem fixed before I leave.

Again many thanks for a possible advice or hints about what to do concerning my ailing bow thruster.

Maramu #253

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