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Thanks again. I plan to be in Saint Martin on 6 May, departing 10 May or so for the crossing.

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Kimberlite is in St Maarten Simpson Bay Marina. When do you plan on being on Board?
I will be down in a few weeks. I could give you a hand with the faring- Naomi is in the office at Bobby’s- mention me and Kimberlite. Remember Bobby’s in Simpson Bay that the noes in the Lagoon.
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Good advice. Thanks and Eric too. will take action as soon as I am back in St Martin,






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Good morning,


first of all, these GRP hull shaped fairings are all different (as all AMEL models have different hulls).

This means a new mould for a Maramu cannot be made out of a Santorin hull.


You probably all know the design of the bow-thruster: above the gear-box and shaft tube, a strong GRP rectangle part is guiding the unit inside the well and counter-force the thrust when the bow-thruster is down.

This is the part that squeezes both foam seals under the well's top.

Charles, as long as your seals are in good condition and correctly squeezed (the lifting cable must be tensioned when in the up position), water will not come in more than when the fairing is in place.

The fairing is not more watertight than the big rectangle GRP bearing. Don't forget to put the securing pin before going sailing.


Now, I'm sure that any good shipyard in St-Marteen (thank you Eric) can make such a V-shaped part. Fortunately, AMEL is not the only shipyard on Earth to be able to repair GRP.

Charles, you should have it repaired locally before your Atlantic crossing because it will be better for your average speed....


Bon courage.





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Thanks Alan, I sure will be glad to have pictures when it comes to fixing this problem. Not sure yet how and when I am going to do it.
Too bad about Amel not answering. If you get through Christian Dufourd he will do his best. He actually did go through the motions of finding the mold, but without success. We owners of old models are not worth much attention financially. So it goes .....
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